About us

How We are Governed


We are a corporate registered under the Section 9 (1) of the Companies Act, No. 07 of 2007. Our registration reference: PV 87706. The board of Directors consist professionals with Financial Management as their field of work, who in turn work with a team of experts in the fields of HRM, IT, Manufacturing, and Law.


Our Vision


"A world where your vision and passion for business is not blocked by operational difficulties in running the businesses."


Our Mission


"To provide high quality professional management consultancy and services through the adoption of innovative and modern techniques for total satisfaction of our client organizations."


People will rely on us for assistance in various aspects of business management, which will leave them with freedom of mind; focusing on formulating strategic directions for their respective entities. Businesses of all sizes, no longer limited by distance, will be able to ask our assistance.


Today, the business environment is so competitive and subject to rapid changes. The success of a business enterprise depends on its effective and efficient management. In this context there is a need for professional Consultancy and Management Services to facilitate business enterprises to achieve a consistently higher level of performance and remain competitive in their business operations.


To meet the current needs and future challenges, a group of multidisciplinary professionals with considerable experience at Senior Management level in various fields in multinational organizations in the region have joined together to establish, Integrated Management Solutions (Pvt) Ltd to share their expertise and experience with the business enterprises. It also has a network of consultants with a proven track record and expertise in leading business organizations both in the private and public sector.


Our Values


Openness: As a company, ware welcoming, sociable and friendly to our client, suppliers, and employees. We deal with people in a clear, direct way and are always honest and fair in business dealings.


Enablement: Our aim is to open up opportunities and to actively help people reach their goals. We always deliver what we say we will.


Total Management